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It is important to protect your organization with commercial insurance or lines of insurance that relate to your business and the products or services you provide.


Horn-McGowan specializes in providing top notch commercial insurance that business owners can trust. In your nonstop efforts to maximize profits and lower costs, have you ever considered doing this through your business insurance?  With our commercial insurance, Chicago metro area businesses and those in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida can save money by switching to a policy through our insurance agency.


In addition to monetary savings, we will search high and low to find the right coverage for your business and your employees.  In order to serve our customers, we offer several different types of commercial insurance including:


With our commercial insurance, organizations have the opportunity to develop the protection you may need, even non-traditional policies you may not be able to find elsewhere!


For commercial insurance,  business owners can trust Horn-McGowan Insurance Agency.

Business, Auto and Homeowners
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